27 weeks

I have no idea where the time goes. Next week I'll be in my third trimester. The dude weighs about 2.5 pounds. And I have decided it's officially the time for warmth and comfort. I'm a big fan of comfortable anyway, so digging out all of my oversized cardigans has been the task of the week. I've also been eating my share of bananas as a potential remedy for the super intense middle-of-the-night charley horses in my calves. Ow ow ow. We have half-way transitioned Lo into her new bedroom. We think. And last night, she spent her first night in her new, bigger bed. There's getting to be less and less room for her to sit on my lap or lay next to me on the couch. I have a third ultrasound (to rule out previa) tomorrow and we've got our fingers crossed for good news.
I'm definitely looking forward to the holidays (and the food that comes with them) and I'm excited to make a turkey on Thursday. Feeling good, knitting lots and keeping comfy. That's the name of the game.


  1. You look gorgeous. And have I mentioned how much I love your house??

    Good luck on the previa! Fingers crossed over here!

  2. you look beautiful! You are definetly one of those cute preggy ladies =) i on the other hand so was not! lol
    p.s. i dig that painting above the table!

  3. Well, aren't you spiffy with your new blog layout missy !! :) It looks great !

    And I totally agree with Christina about you being one of those 'cute preggy ladies' ... you look beautiful.

    I too love your house. I would love to see MORE of it !!!

  4. I got charlie horses too...so weird. It's funny what having a baby will do to your body. You're so low too!


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