26 weeks

Sometimes it actually feels as if someone is doing their laundry in there. Tumble dry.
This week, the little dude weighs two pounds. I feel huge already. We haven't found the perfect name for him yet, but we're working on it. I wonder a lot if he'll have dark hair like Lo did when she was born, and if the two of them will look alike. I picture him being an adventurous little skater boy, like his dad. My center of gravity has shifted. I get the midnight leg cramps. I already have trouble sleeping, but I smile a little smile when I'm up during those late hours, knowing that it will just be a matter of time until I'll be up at all hours of the night with a tiny babe in my arms. We have three months to go before he gets here, and sometimes I feel unprepared and I wonder how we'll get it all together. But I know deep down that we'll be more than ready for him. So ready to do this.


  1. Oh Jen !!! I cannot believe that you are 26 weeks pregnant already !!! I am so curious what names you are deciding upon !!! If we were to have had a boy, we too had such a tough time coming up with names that sounded 'perfect.' I know though, that you two will find the perfect name for your little one :)

    I am so excited for you to have your little one in your arms. It's the best feeling EVER. I cannot imagine life now without our little cutie.

    You look glowy, happy, and oh so pretty. Oh, and and I am always so jealous of your hair. It always looks so healthy and beeeeeeeautiful !

  2. Oh congratulations! You look so great in the photos! What an exciting time for you!


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