over the weekend...

Over the weekend, we saw Primus. They still sound so cool, and Les Claypool is definitely one of the best. (Yup, I take my kids to concerts in utero. Lo went to Ministry when she was in my belly. We raise these kids on rock.)
We also went to Minnepolis. Hit up IKEA to get the rest of our kitchen cabinets. And I ate some delicious bbq ribs while I was there. At IKEA. Which totally grossed Bo out.
And then after we got home, I smashed my foot into the metal part of our Le Corbusier couch and broke my toe. How was your weekend?  :)

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  1. ugh ! Jealous. I had a wedding to go to that night and so wanted to go to this show. Glad you had a good time! :)

    Baby's first primus show. ;)


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