the kitchen project

It's done ... finally done! You may remember me mentioning our kitchen re-do a few months ago. (Take a look back to see where we started!) Or you may recall me gushing over yellow kitchens a few years ago, back when this remodel was our brain child. Well, the yellow has become a reality and now I can finally share our before and after pics.
Here was our kitchen before. There was nothing wrong with it, but we felt that our house deserved a more modern kitchen that matched the feel of the rest of our rooms. We were in awe of all of the cabinets and storage options that IKEA offered, so we began planning. The walls and ceilings (which you can't really see here) needed a ton of drywall work, which Bo did himself. And he and his dad laid the gray floor tile. Such handy guys. It was pretty major stuff.
Here's the other side of the room, which we had recently updated with stainless appliances. We ended up gutting the entire room and starting fresh.
And here's what it looks like now. White with a nice color block of yellow and gray countertops.
Clean lines, white and bright.
We ended up abandoning our DIY self-poured concrete countertop idea after doing a little research and finding out that long-term, concrete can be a real pain. It can require re-sealing every 6 months or so. And it can stain, or crack. This information made us sad, since we really had our hearts set on the idea, but then we fell in love with Formica. If you haven't seen their website/gallery, you have to check out all of the custom options they offer. Formica is cool. And it gave us the clean look we were going for.
One of our favorite things about this re-do is probably the simplest-looking; the high cabinet next to the fridge has become our new pantry and we're loving the pull-out storage. Love. (And yes, we had to keep Gene Simmons at his post on top of the fridge. He's always been there.) Our other favorite feature on our cabinets and drawers is the quiet-close feature, which I'm sure you've seen in action if you've visited and IKEA show room. If you accidentally slam a door, it catches and closes it quietly. We added a white desk to the wall next to this one for our Mac to sit on, and we plan to add a glass tile backsplash in the next few weeks.
After all of the months of hard work that Bo and his dad put into this room, we can finally enjoy it and take it all in. We had zero outside hired help with this room, so we have a little bit of extra love for it. We're so incredibly excited that all of our dishes have been put away in their new homes and we're thoroughly enjoying our new kitchen with the bright sunny yellow cabinets. No one can steal my sunshine.  ;)


  1. this looks awesome!! I love the splash of bright yellow... great choice!
    ps: we have the same mixer :) love it.

  2. this looks incredible!! totally matches your style and i just love that pop of yellow!

  3. your kitchen looks amazing!!!

  4. It looks amazing!! I second Formica being awesome! We redid our countertops last year and also thought about concrete but chose Formica solid surface instead. Love it!

  5. It looks FANTASTIC, you guys did a great job! That is a kitchen I would go for too. Formica is a great counter and you don't feel so bad when you are tired of it and want a different look. I am also a huge fan of the soft close doors! Thumbs up.

  6. Beautiful kitchen, great job by hubs and dad. Just a suggestion, wouldn't it be easier to cook if your refrigerator doors opened on the other side. Just saying..

  7. stunning -- the yellow is perfect, and i've never seen a kitchen this clean!!! i can picture you and Lo baking cookies in this coolness soon : )

  8. GAH! I LOVE IT! So jealous...but super happy for you! :D

  9. wow looks amazing! You guys did an awesome job! and the yellow cabinets...suh-woon!

  10. It seems you prefer the exact same style as my husband and I-clean, minimalist, industrial, modern! I like that you showed that Formica can be very cool. What color did you get? I really dig. Also-your espresso maker looks badass. Is that a Lavazza?!

  11. thanks!
    the color: mouse
    the espresso machine: Francis Francis X1

    (This is Jen's husband)

  12. Hi I am Devrim
    I would like to ask you something. How then placed under the kitchen cabinet microwave oven? Would you please send me the details, please take photos?
    Turkey (Istanbul), does not this kind. And I too would like to place your microwave under cabinet like yours.
    Is it six of microwave exhaust fan?
    Photos of you eagerly waiting:)
    thanks This e-mail address


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