full-fledged fall

We're loving this season.
Color-filled autumn walks and scavenger hunts.
Apple pies nearly every week. On average. (Ever since we picked up a peeler.)
 Pumpkin patches and gourds.
Cut-out cookies.
A little autumn mix.
Pretty pumpkins.
Choosing the perfect one.
Haystacks and piggy-back rides.
Chrysanthemums in every color.
So much to love. What do you like best about the season?


  1. That first picture of your daughter is EXACTLY how I feel about fall. I love all of it. I love the sunny brisk days. The glow of the leaves. Cooking soup almost everyday. Roasting and baking things. I love sweaters and scarves and all of the things that are ORANGE!

  2. Aw beautiful photos. Miss L looks fantastic in her orange coat too. I love fall :)

  3. great photos, jen. i love that people get excited about fall and really embrace rituals (cooking, picking pumpkins, etc).

  4. she is soooo damn cute! I love these pictures — super fall-tastic.

  5. I love the autumn..your pictures are gorgeous. I wish we could get candy canes here in the UK I have never tried them before and can't even imagine what they are like.


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