diapers for your dollies

Preschool problems: you have lots of babies (or animal babies) and none of them have diapers. What to do? Lo is fascinated with changing her dolls and stuffed animals, and she's been asking me to make them some diapers for awhile now. Below is my five-minute solution, which you too can whip up in no time should you feel so inclined. (Or pressured by a preschooler.)  ;)
The finished 'diapers' look something like this. When you use felt, you can go crazy with the colors!
The only supplies you'll need are a few 8.5x11 scraps of felt, cardboard, scissors and (strong) self-stick velcro squares or dots. (You could also sew non-stick velcro on. This would obviously be a smarter and longer-lasting way to go, but surprisingly, the sticky back velcro we used has worked really well. Even after multiple uses. You could also sew two pieces of felt together, and then sew on velcro, to make thicker, more heavy-duty diapers. Up to you!)
Using the printable template at the end of this post, cut out and trace the diaper shape onto a piece of cardboard. Use this template to trace and cut out as many felt diapers as you want.
 Stick or sew two squares of velcro to the longer back edge of the diaper.
Flip the diaper over to the other side, and stick/sew two more velcro squares to the shorter top edge. (Make sure that on one side, you're using the 'soft' velcro, and when you flip, use the 'scratchy' velcro. So they stick together.)  ;)
It should fold up like this when you're done!
Then, use them to cover all of your littlest friends' tushies.
Click and download this template if you want to make your own. You can trace outside or inside the edges to make it bigger or smaller if you want, but this size seemed to fit almost all of our 12"-ish sized stuffed animals and dolls. Have fun diapering your dollies!


  1. I'm not sure what it is with little kids but all of my friends' children have gone through a phase where they are fascinated with diapering.

  2. So cute! Now she's ready for the baby, right? :)


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