22 weeks

It's been kind of easy so far to overlook the fact that we're already this far in. We've been busy with the kitchen re-do, and I hope to share some pics of the yellow this week. Exciting! One more trip to IKEA and we're on the home stretch. And we've been working on what we call 'the new room,' which was formerly part of our living room but now has been converted into a new bedroom for Lo. Bo and his dad are pretty amazing ... one weekend and we had new walls and a closet and light fixtures. Boom! New room. We still have quite a bit of work to do to on the whole bedroom switcheroo and get everything ready for this baby boy that will be arriving in ... oh gosh, three and a half months. Gulp.
But I've been thoroughly enjoying this time with my little Lo. I know too well that it won't be just the two of us hanging out every day for much longer. We snuggle more and we bake pies and read books and I'm just trying to make our time count.  <3


  1. Can I just mention that I LOVE the shirt you are wearing ??? I want it !!! SO NICE ! You look dashing in it as well :) And now your bump is really quite noticeable !! How adooorable Jen !!! It's so amazing how our bodies transform..


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