21 weeks

21 weeks and time seems to be going so fast. I'm definitely feeling as big as a pumpkin. How timely! Fall is in full swing and we've been hitting the pumpkin patches and apple orchards pretty hard. But you can't help but embrace the change of seasons when you're in a season of change yourself. Pretty much the only time I look forward to the bitter cold winter months is when I'm pregnant; I already can't wait to hold that little babe. (Lo was born in February, too. Winter babies!) And I'm already anticipating holiday family gatherings and second helpings of pumpkin pie. Are you loving the season, too? 


  1. very into fall and looking forward to winter as well. we've hit our favorite pumpkin patch already and strangely enough, i'm baking a pumpkin pie right now...

    we're 20wks with our 2nd right now and i'm very much looking forward being pregnant for the next few months. we had our 1st in july during a summer of record heat, so i'm stoked this pregnancy is timed differently.

    anywho, happy fall!

  2. soooo cute! I wanna come over a squeeze you and that belly!!

  3. What ??!! I am definitely a cold weather sort of girl. Don't get me wrong, I love the summer ..but fall/winter are definitely my times.

    You look soooo lovely with your little bump :) How adorable and exciting to see you pregnant with your little baby :) I TOO cannot wait to see your little one and follow your pregnancy/after pregnancy journey !!!

  4. woud you quit being so damn cute?! jeez. i love seeing that pumpkin belly. :)

  5. So glad things are going well for you & the little guy! You look great! Congratulations!


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