halfway there

20 weeks, halfway there. I've been knitting a lot and reading those weekly emails that you get when you're pregnant. The ones that you what size your baby is in comparison to the size of a certain fruit or vegetable. (The little dude is the length of a banana at this point.) The emails are kind of silly but it is fun to go to the grocery store with Lo and show her that this baby (that she can't actually see) is the size of a kumquat or avocado or whatever.
We've been doing and enjoying lots of fall things and I'm fully embracing the season. Hot tea and caramel apple cider. Talking about Halloween costumes and plans for jack-o-lanterns. Apple orchard field trips and pie baking. And the knitting. Oh so good.


  1. Congratulations, my daughter is due in November and we are having so much fun. It's her third but her 8 year old girl is so excited for her new sister.

  2. I love you and your little bump!! You look glowing!

  3. You look radiant! Congratulations =) I have to say, you look fabulous at 20 weeks!


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