16 weeks

16 weeks and things are going swimmingly. I'm feeling like myself again and I'm finally ready to go back out and do stuff. (Just in time for Renegade Craft Fair, which is this weekend.) Lo starts preschool and ballet this week. And we'll hopefully be scheduling an ultrasound to find out who this kid is going to be ... I'm very, very excited to find out.


  1. ooh I'm jealous... now that I'm 19 weeks I could schedule a babymoon ultrasound, but we're not finding out gender this time. (it's driving me crazy!!) I'm excited for you!
    You look fab, and glad to hear you are feeling good!

  2. yaaaayyyy for 16 weeks Jen !!! You are looking soooo wonderful :)And Hoorah to finally feeling better !!

  3. you look amazing, i am excited find out too! :) xo


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