the takeover

What a weekend. There was rain, there was sun. People arrived on scooters from seven different states. Our friend Nam got married. New friends were made. Someone won a scooter. We stayed up until 4 am one night, and 3 am the next. I took a ride or two in the sidecar. There was an all-vinyl dance party (and Pressure Drop celebrated it's one-year anniversary.) There were scooter rides all over this beautiful city. And we saw nine bands in nine hours. I think. Bo and his friends worked hard to make it all happen and the rally was quite a success. People had fun. They liked our city. And everyone kept commenting on how 'nice' we all were. We're still a bit tired but wow, what a weekend. So, for all of the people who keep asking 'hey, how was that scooter thing that you guys had over the weekend?,' here's a photo recap. Hostile Takeover II.

A big thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the rally so rad. You did good.


  1. awwww, so fun! I would have loved to ride in your side car... that sounds weird...
    Love that last pic of you and Bo.

  2. Oh I love these photos, this really sounds like you had an amazing time!
    And lovely name btw ;) xo

  3. Happened across your blog from bloglovin and noticed this pic of our friends Harkey and SaraJane. Just thought I'd say hi :)


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