bits of our weekend

Our weekend started off with a little family trip to our favorite skate shop, Subsect. 
Apparently, Walnut Street is where it's at. Because our pals at Subsect, Ichi Bike and the ever so lovely Domestica were hosting a most radical Gnarbecue. Barbecue, skating, plus Subsect had a Vans rep at the shop.
We got to check out all of the new Yo Gabba Gabba Vans coming out later this year, I fell in love with the Gorilla Biscuits slip-ons, and Lo had her eye on a new Hello Kitty deck. (Yup, she's got dad figured out.)
Bo caved and got the Hello Kitty, I snuck out back for a gnarbecued hot dog off the grill, and our pal Kevin covered Lo's new board with clear grip tape.
Meanwhile, we chatted with the Vans rep (we're a pretty loyal Vans family) and got hooked up with some pretty sweet gear. (I'm loving the wallet and sunglasses ... yess!)
 Now this kid is ready to shred.
Later, we headed downtown to the Pappajohn Sculpture Park to check out the newest addition, a piece called 'White Ghost,' by the Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara. She's very cool.
Then Bo and I went to Val Air to see Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson and House of Pain.
And on and off for the rest of the weekend, you could find me watching Coachella live, right here. I think you can click on video archives to see past performances (Someday, I will go.)

How was your weekend?


  1. Well my goodness Jen, don't you have the hookups. Looks like it's good to be you ! You look pretty shhhweet in your Van's hat and sunglasses. Love the wallet too !!!

    And Slipknot ?!!! Whoa, I had no idea you were into that kind of music ! Are you ?!! I definitely enjoy slipknot on occasion. Iowa is their best CD by far (in my opinion)

    Oh, and as far as your comment on my previous blog post, I would love you for life !!! We can talk about it there.. ;)

  2. Jen,

    I colored eggs with Lo yesterday afternoon, and she did not say a thing to her "Great Chris" about her most exciting Saturday! (It's probaby all in a day's fun with her mom and dad...)

    Aunt C.

  3. you and me both...on watching coachella throughout the weekend, and going one day for real. we should collaborate that one. juuuust saying.

  4. wow! that hat is so cool! :) youre such a creative girl!


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