must be springtime in Iowa

If you live anywhere in the midwest/tornado alley, you know that it's never a good thing when they day is too warm, too still, and the sky starts to look greenish.
 Or you look outside, and your back yard looks like this.
But your front yard looks like this. March is a little early for the whole tornado thing, even for us. In fact, Bo and Lotus were playing outside when the first sirens went off.  I've lived here my whole life, but sirens still give me chills.
We all just hung out on the couch with our various forms of technology until all the warnings and various waves of sirens had passed. Must be springtime in Iowa. (Like Bo said earlier today, when aren't we in a tornado watch?)
No worries though. We're fine and we're used to this. It's supposed to snow this weekend, after all.


  1. Sirens give me chills too. I'm usually the first one into the basement.

    We are rainy switching to wintery mix up here in MN and have a chance of snow tonight & tomorrow. I would gladly trade for a good old fashioned thunderstorm sans tornadoes!

  2. This is my favorite time of year in Iowa (says the girl from the desert)! I do need to remember to plug my weather radio in, though....I will admit that the wind this evening alarmed me a bit, but once it started to storm properly, the wind died down.

    Glad everyone's okay!

  3. OMGee, my nerves would be a wreck but thumbs up for technology right?!! :)

  4. You guys are so cute all snuggled in together!


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