Finished object no. 1: star crossed slouchy beret. Which has been in my Ravelry queue for, you know ... a couple of years.
Finished object no. 2: Murielle. This lovely was made using three skeins of Rowan Big Wool in 'glum' gray, held double. It's kind of huge. And I realize that you may be wondering ... 'Jen, isn't it spring? Why are you working on wintery things? Why are you showing us photos of you standing in snow?' Well, yeah. Technically, it is the end of March, but our back yard looked like this yesterday. Don't feel too badly for me ... the snow melted pretty quickly. And this knitter knows no season when it comes to projects. I would have totally made this scarf in July. While sitting in my living room, enjoying the AC. But it was kind of fun to wake up yesterday and see a pretty white covering on all of the trees and rooftops. Kind of fun. At the very least, it did made me feel like wearing a wool scarf was appropriate!

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