We've been hard at work making 'Valentimes' this past week for this kid's preschool pals. I was surprised at how particular she was about the colors she picked for girls vs. boys in her class. I tried to tell her that it didn't really matter, but she had some pretty strong opinions about her color choices. Especially when it came to a special boy (or three) in her class. Which brought back all sorts of fun memories from simpler times (okay, the 80s) when I was in elementary school.
You know, when handfuls of unwrapped candy conversation hearts could be thrown in a Valentine envelope with wild abandon. Although you'd make sure to read them first if you were giving them to a boy because it would be embarrassing if they got one that said something like 'my cutie' or 'luv you.' (Ewww, boys.) So you'd pick out the more neutral ones to give them so they wouldn't think you liked them. Even if you really did. The 80s equivalent of today's 'LOL' or 'email me.' Ahhhh, young love. (Apparently it can start in preschool.) Happy hearts day.  <3


  1. Awwww, I do remember the days of Valentines and school crushes:) These Valentines came out so adorable. Hope you guys have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Aaw, they're so cute!! :) he he. That was always the funnest, making & sharing handmade Valentines! :)

  3. Smarties! One of my favorites!!!

  4. I noticed that about conversation hearts too...crazy.
    love the valentines!


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