ORK des moines

Today, you can get your very own Des Moines neighborhood Ork poster as Raygun brings Ork to D.M. on a Legendary Tour of Iowa. (You know that Bo and I are both graphic designers. And maps + typography = heaven, right? So you know we're all over this.)

 (Ummm, this is awesome.)
So, Lo and I stopped by today to snag a Des Moines print (and a t-shirt, too. Because why not.) Our adorable pal Lucy was at Raygun today, which made our shopping experience even more lovely. Lucy is the best.
And I even got to hang out for a bit with Jenny from Ork, who was super cool to talk with. I had no idea she was an Iowa native. (She grew up in Bettendorf!)
Raygun is printing Des Moines shirts while you wait today, so stop in and pick your color, like I did. They also have lots of other city neighborhood posters to pick from, along with Ork's awesome heart print. (Perfect for V-day.)
Ork will be at Raygun until 7:00 p.m. tonight so make sure you don't miss this! Word is that some of the prints available there will be for sale online after the event, if you can't make it. (But if you can stop by, you most definitely should!)

Happy Friday.  :)


  1. I got one, too! Wish I'd seen you - boo! Also snagged two rad bracelets that were super inexpensive. My only poster critique? The largest center block should've been North of Grand:)

  2. I love Ork Posters! I just bought a Los Angeles version. I'm going to have to add a Des Moines version to our collection!

  3. Thanks so much for the blog coverage Jen! We had a great weekend hanging at RAYGUN and meeting everyone that came in. Hope to see you and your knits in Chicago at Renegade!!!


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