holy crap, what is this ... paper?

The Effers are back today. New Dare is up. Dare 174. Find it here. And yes, it's been awhile. But the Dare girls have been busy. And our beloved Tina had a baby! But yeah, I haven't done any real paper/photo/glue business in quite awhile. I knew it was getting bad when Jamaica told me on Twitter that I needed to put down my knitting needles and do something with my pics from NYC already. I was shocked at how good it felt to bust out my page last night. Like, whew! I missed that. I kind of needed that. So here's my Dare. Dare 174. I'm back at it. It feels good.


  1. love it!
    who makes that awesome background paper? is it studio calico?

  2. yup, it's older studio calico. i love that paper.

  3. Oh. My. God. I need to do this. Play with paper I mean. It's been too long.

    In other news your page is awesome made even moreso by the fact that I haven't seen a Jen page in so long and also that that is like my most fave studio calico paper everrrr.

  4. XOXO.

    shake shack stickers!

    ps. love seeing bits of my paper stash peeking out of you and vee's layouts. makes me a happy girl.

  5. jamaica paper makes it more meaningful. :)


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