Friday Night Knit Club

 This is my local yarn shop, Knitted Together. I pretty much love hanging out there.
Walls and walls of color and texture in every fiber content a girl could wish for.
And the owners are super great. Nancy and Tim have always been beyond helpful and friendly, and they're the kind of people who always remember your name. Even Lotus feels at home there, hanging out on the couch while I shop around. (Or chasing me around the store, telling me what colors she thinks I should buy.)  :)
And tonight, Knitted Together is hosting a special Friday Night Knit Club Ravelry party. (This is so exciting!) If you haven't heard of Ravelry, it's sort of like Facebook for knitters/crocheters. It's an enormous, fantastic resource for patterns and project ideas, and it's also a great place to connect with knitters from all over the world.
And okay, so here's the sort of embarrassing part. You might remember that last month, I mentioned that my cowl pattern was the 2nd most popular pattern on Ravelry.
If you come to Friday Night Knit Club tonight, you can meet/come hang out with me as I reveal my newest cowl pattern (pictured above) at Knitted Together, before it's released Ravelry. There will be yarn kits available in several different colors so you can knit your very own. So come out and hang with us, if you can! Email webmail [at] knittedtogether [dot] com to rsvp. They'll have Ravelry buttons so we can all meet the people behind the usernames, and there will be a short Ravelry discussion/q&a for anyone who is new to Ravelry and wants to learn more about how it all works. Sounds cool, huh? It's going to be fun.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. How fun! I'd love to come but can't tonight... hopefully another time. Love the cowl!

  2. I love Knitted Together! I have to touch all the Rowan every time I go in there (which I can't do very often because I'm a poor grad student). Every time I drive through Des Moines from I.C. to C.B., I think, "I could stop for just a FEW minutes...." Coming snow (and too many piles of anxiously waiting yarn at home) deterred me today.

    Congrats on the new cowl pattern! I hope the party was great fun!

  3. can't wait to see your new pattern Jen...and p.s. i loved your music mix from the last post (i exceeded the amount of times you can listen to it in an 8hr period)...i'm totally sending you a blank cd so i can get my own personal copy!


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