for the love of Malabrigo

 You know how it goes. You get a couple of insanely cool hand-dyed super soft hanks of Malabrigo that look something like this.
 Wind them into a ball like this.
And then you have to pick out and knit the most perfect cowl pattern, like this. 
Which is the Honey Cowl by Ann Maria for Madelinetosh. Which you probably already have figured out by now, as it's quite popular. I used two skeins of Malabrigo worsted merino in Mariposa. I hung onto this colorway for a million years because I loved it so much.
I made the longer version (using two skeins) that can be worn long or doubled up and wrapped around your neck twice. I kind of love it.
And then, I had to make something out of the other skein I had been holding onto for far too long; this cowl was made out of Malabrigo chunky in this crazy Brillante colorway that I just drooled over when I first saw it. I am a huge sucker for the weird colors!
So I knitted up this quick and easy Delores Park cowl by Parikha Mehta while we watched 'Inception' last night and wow, I just might keep going. Spring is almost here and I need to bust out a few more projects before, you know, it's July and I'll be hanging poolside or something. (Oooh, that sounds nice!) So, what's on your needles right now?


  1. *LOVE* I found your blog via the Ephemera girls & have been stalking for awhile. I'm a new knitter and had a question: Where do you buy your yarn? I live in the DSM metro and have been to Knitted Together (which I love) but am also on the lookout for other places to try, including online...

  2. Oh, pretty!! :) I *love* that yarn! And kudos on cowl-ing & watching Inception at the same time! That takes mega brain-power!! :)

  3. Jessie - I love love LOVE Knitted Together; it's definitely my go-to shop. Also, Charity's in Pleasant Hill and Knitting Next Door (a new shop) in Ankeny. Thanks so much for saying hi!

  4. I ADORE the blue green wool!!! I haven't knitted anything since I was a kid (one scarf and one jumper) but you are inspiring... if I had time to take up another craft, knitting might be it! :-)

  5. well. right now i'm knitting a pretty large modified scarf version of your gaptastic cowl.

    i also have this ready to start in lion brand barley.

    i also think that this is kind of amazing...

  6. Love that second one!!! Blue and red, awesome:)


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