crochet a rainbow

You may remember me talking about Sarah London's Crochet a Rainbow project last month after the devastating floods in Australia. Sarah is collecting granny squares from crocheters all over the world and joining them to make blankets for families affected by the floods as they begin to rebuild their lives. (And I know, I know ... I'm a knitter. But I do know how to crochet grannies. They're a great way to get my color fix.)
So I finally got around to making some grannies and sent them off to Sarah last week. I decided to use Stitch Nation's Full O'Sheep yarn, which is 100% wool and comes in several awesomely bright colors.
And then, I made a couple more squares. Because I discovered that they would make awesome 'afghans' for the beds in Lo's doll house.
(I mean ... this is kind of brilliant, right?) Anyway, there's still plenty of time to participate in Crochet a Rainbow. Find all of the information right here.


  1. Love the colors!!!! And how brilliant of an idea for those mini afghans.

  2. Ok, so, I regret to admit that I am a hater of 'the granny square.' I usually find them repulsive. I know they should be colourful and beautiful and la dee da dee daaa. BUT, most crochers choose the most vile colours. Many granny squares are repulsive and NOT so nice. But yours. Yours are another story. The yarn you chose is vibrant, beautiful, colourful, clean and fluid. Your colours flow together so gorgeously. If one gifted me a blanket made from granny squares in your yarn and colour choice I would be the happiest girl ever. Your squares are beautiful. (I never thought I would say that before haha)

    And to all granny square makers...I don't mean to offend :)

  3. I love granny squares! I'm finally finishing my "Roseanne" afghan. Been working on it since 2007. Only b/c it's my project that I work on when I have no other projects ...

  4. That's the exact same yarn I used for my giant granny square blanket that I made last year! It's the softest, coziest blanket we have now and the kids always choose it first when they want to cuddle on the couch. I love how they look as little grannies too. Now I want to make one of those....

  5. Ooh, what a great cause!! :) And how cute are they as doll blankies?? Genius!

  6. I'm liking those grannies! :)


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