all you need is love ...

This is kind of how V-day looked around our house. My mother-in-law found us this awesome mid-century tiered serving tray. (Such a cool Valentine for Bo and I!)
And my friend Beth made us these amazing cookies. She's seriously talented. Look at the teeny-tiny heart cookies! (If you're local, let me know if you ever need some rad cookies for a party or what-have-you. I can hook you up with her info.)
 There were all kinds of hand-made Valentines from the kid.
 Pretty roses for us girls.
 High-flying adventures into Lo's new Sumo that we got her for her birthday.
(Our whole family is getting quite a bit of use out of this thing.)
Colorful puzzles from grandma.
And we even squeezed in a much-needed date night for us. Keeping it real. And simple. And showing the love to each other every day, as best we can.


  1. Aaw - sweet! :) Looks like you guys had a lovely day! And how yummy do those cookies look?? :)

  2. You are definitely right in your friend being a genius in the cookie decorating department. Wow, I wish 'I' were local so that I could order some. A party isn't even necessary...I am enough of the party. That sort of thing is always nice to treat oneself to. How special of her to gift you some :)

    The valentines are so sweet. I love the little white lace one with the drawings on it. How silly and adorable ! Your shoes at the end are QUITE spiffy and I wish they would have been more focused..they intrigue me :)

  3. Happy belated Valentines day!! Hope you had a wonderful evening out with your man:)


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