adventures in FNKC

This girl had a fun Friday night at Knitted Together's FNKC (Friday Night Knit Club) Ravelry party. We each got our own Ravelry 'my name is' buttons so we could put screen names together with real life knitters. (I've always wanted one of these buttons! Yes, I am that nerdy!)
There were about 30 knitters who came out to work on their projects (and enjoy the delicious appetizers and desserts.) It was fantastic to meet so many fun ladies and I loved chatting with everyone.
Nancy and Megan prepared an awesome overview of the ins and outs of Ravelry, offering lots of really useful tips and advice. They also shared a list of some of their favorite designers.
And I talked for a bit about how I got started knitting, designing, what inspires me, and the whole craft fair thing. (I am terrible at speaking in front of people, so this totally freaked me out but I survived!)
We also had my newest cowl, 'Margot', on display with the pattern and yarn that I used (gorgeous Mirasol Ushya!) so that anyone who liked it could make their own.
And I've said it before, but these guys are pretty great. Tim and Nancy own Knitted Together and have been so fantastically cool to me ever since the first time I shopped there. I've always been fascinated by how talented these people are. Nancy has an impressive background in publishing and was the senior editor of magazines for Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collection, where she wrote Knit It and Simply Creative Crochet. She's a true knitting expert and needle artist and can help you through any snag you might encounter. Tim is a designer and architect; he designed the shop himself! He also knows quite a bit about yarn ... and he's recently taken up knitting, too. Megan (in the middle) manages the store's web and marketing stuff. She has a background in fashion design, previously lived and worked in NYC, plus she's a knitter and a mom to two little boys so I just thought she was amazing right off the bat. 

Thank you, Knitted Together ... for your kindness, for providing the tools and materials we all use to create, for always being open when I want to stop by and pet the yarn for an hour or so, and for the space where knitters can come together. (For knitting us all together!)


  1. I really wish I could go to these events, but I work to late :(

  2. So fun to see these pictures. I used to live in DSM and loved going to Knitted Together. I spent quite a few evenings (trying to) knit socks on the comfy couches and successfully knitting cute baby hats and such. Nancy is a most amazing person and I'm glad 9but not surprised) to see the shop is still going strong. I just fished out a couple of skeins of yarn and a sock pattern I got there to try again... was thinking of KT just yesterday.


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