that old box in the closet ...

So, as you grow up and move into your own house and stuff, you sometimes inherit old boxes of things. We've been cleaning out our basement, and I've been going through boxes of my old things. And as you can see, I was a little girl who liked the color blue and went fishing in Minnesota. (Check out the rifle on that Lake Winnibigoshish t-shirt! That's right ... Winnibigoshish.)
I also remember loving this neon pink bikini.
And I wore this sweatshirt when I was probably Lotus's age. One day while I was wearing it, someone asked me who the President of the United States was. And I remember answering "Jimmy Carter." (wow.)
Guess who else was intrigued by all of these little vintage t-shirts?
My mini-me. (Check back tomorrow for some more fun things we found.)


  1. Love the University of Okoboji shirt on Lo!! The Winter Games are this weekend! You should come and Lo can play some games on the ice and see the fireworks! :)

    Jamie R

  2. Those are so amazing! The big bird sweatshirt is a dream. I would definitely have my month made if I found that thrifting. Its so wonderful that you found these when they'll fit Lo! I mean it would have really stunk if you found them 4 years from now... Yay!

  3. Oh my goodness too cute! I love the cowl you're giving away, so pretty. (visiting from FreckledNest)


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