nothing but frills

Yesterday, Lotus played dress-up with tiny t-shirts that I used to wear when I was little. And today, it was my old dresses.
 This pink one was hand-sewn by my mom, I think.

And here are the rest of my baby/little girl dresses! Some are too tiny for Lotus to wear now but they're all pretty fun to look at and everything is in great shape.
So fancy! (So funny.)


  1. Cute! I love her shoes!

  2. I love them ALL! Aren't they cute as tops, too! And..when did Lotus grow to be so tall? She's looking older than S!

    Did you decide on a scooter dress? I saw where the chevron one was gone when you went back. Bummer! That was was fantastic.

  3. such a little sweetheart! they are all amazing! And little lo is such a lady! haha.

    yeah, spill the beans on the scooter dress! which one did you end up going for- maybe should do a little post about it??

    smiles, kimxo

  4. I can't believe you still have your baby clothes!

  5. Aww, so cute! And Lotus looks just like you in that last picture!


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