the fairest of them all

Last week, I spotted this 1970s knitting pattern from New Zealand on Renegade Handmade's blog and couldn't believe my eyes. I have never loved two fair isle sweater patterns more ... even the colors are absolute perfection. It was just too cool to be true. So I immediately jumped over to this Etsy shop where it was for sale, sure that it had been snagged by some lucky person, but it was still there!

Except the shop owner was on vacation, so I couldn't actually buy it. So I signed up for the email notification thing so I'd know when the seller returned. And when I got my email a couple of days ago, I quickly jumped over to check again to see if this pattern was still in the shop and it was missing. And I felt so sad! Like it had just slipped through my fingers. So I sent a desperate email to the shop owner and asked if there was any way I could get a photocopy or scanned image of this pattern, in case she hadn't shipped it off to the lucky buyer yet. And then she emailed me back to tell me that the listing had expired while she was on vacation and that she still had the pattern! So I bought it and it's on it's way and I'm so excited! It's mine!

* I know, that was a really long, boring story. But I feel like such a lucky duck. I really really do!
I also scored a bunch of issues of Mon Tricot Knit & Crochet from the 60s and 70s when one of our local yarn shops closes a couple of summers ago. I look through these all of the time, and someday I'll definitely have to show you some of the photos. There are some pretty rad projects inside these pages! (Do you ever knit or crochet from vintage patterns?)


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