So, about three months ago, I was standing around with my friends in NYC.
I was just looking through these photos again and found this little set of pics, taken from the dirty cab window on the way back to the airport.
I was sitting in the back seat with Jamaica, probably crying. And she was saying that my weird sunglasses made me look like Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland.
It was such a fun time.
I had finally met Kara the day before.
And experienced Law & Order slumber parties with Kristi.
And cupcakes and nighttime dinner-finding adventures with Vee.
It was some serious girl time. We navigated. Took way too many pics. Kristi held out her arms like a gate at street corners to protect us from getting hit by cars. We consumed coffee, had heart-to-hearts and noodles with butter. Those trips are so good for the soul. (I miss it and I think another one needs to happen soon. xx.)


  1. love the pics! come to CHA LA at the end of the month. it would be SO fun.

  2. can you make your next trip to florida? i'm just sayin....

  3. thanks for posting this, such a happy reminder :)

    buttered pasta, law and order and non-hit-by-taxi-friends are like, my thing.

    annual event? just sayin.

    p.s. i am thinking i'd like to do renegade in brooklyn...dare i?? it'd be all my canvases (some reproduced in quantity, obvs) but i am not sure if they're a good fit, if i have enough work, or if they would be priced properly... hmmm. share a booth??? mcarren park is lovely in the summer!!!

  4. Oh yes annual all girls NYC get up for sure, love these pics Jen!!!


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