these are a few of my favorite things ...

 Pretty blue lights downtown on date night.
 Candy Cane Kisses.
Slumber parties for moms.
 Old ornaments from my Grandma's tree (on my tree.)
 Steaming hot coffee and warm woolen mittens.
 Little girls in pretty skirts and dresses.
 Winter Wonderlands.
 Fleur Patchwork Quilt (from UO's,) scored on sale.
 Pancake-making while wearing bunny slippers.
 Pretty cookies brought over by sweet neighbors.
Cozy Vans boots.
Snow days and sick days all cuddled up in blankets.
 Snow men in my front yard.
And snow men made of ice cream.
(These are a few of my favorite things ... how about you?)


  1. Love the quilt and those boots! I think those just got added to my wish list. :) Happy Holidays!

  2. Happy Merry Xmas Jen! Miss YOU!! I wanna do another moms sleepover!!! (soon!!)
    Little Lo is so cute, give her a kiss from us! McKaylah just said, "awww, she's so lucky, she has snow!"

  3. Wow I love ALL of these things too! You must be in my head. I love this post & have a great holiday!

  4. Your post just made me 40% happier!

  5. Merry Christmas Jen!! Did you knit those beautiful wool mittens? Can you share the pattern link? Thanks for all the inspiration in 2010!
    Jen K.

  6. love everything about this post and Lo with her care bears!!! omg and her bunny slippers!! merry christmas girl, xo!
    ps, i suck at xmas cards but hopefully a new year one will make its way to you!

  7. Blue Christmas lights and bunny slippers make for a great post!

  8. this made me incredibly happy. Happy Holidays, darling!

  9. Never seen Candy Cane Kisses. I will be looking for them next year.


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