snow(board) day

When you get a winter day that's as sunny and warm as it was today – (36 degrees!) – it's kind of a shame to waste it by not going outside. So we ditched our other plans for the afternoon and decided to do a little low-key snowboarding and sledding with our little shredder.
(Yup ... she has a tiny Burton Chicklet.)
Usually, we're accustomed to watching Bo do all kinds of tricks and getting a ton of air... 
 ... but today he was teaching, pulling sleds and pushing me down the hill.  :)
And to all my friends who don't have any of this white stuff, I'll throw a little your way. Happy sunshine-y snow day.


  1. Love it!!!! So much family fun in one day. Love the snowball sharing. ;) Have a wonderful New Year.

  2. Amazing photos and very cute family! Now I've got to start following you on Twitter for sure (you see, I have a Burton tattoo on my right-foot due to me being goofy and all).

    Jealous of the white stuff in your backyard and wishing we had some more in ours so I could start teaching Paisley!

  3. thanks! i think a trip up to snowier country is in order for this weekend. i miss it! <3

  4. Hey lady you can keep your snowy backyard! I can drive to the mountains for some snowboard action and then back home to my sunny days!!I bet it was nice to have some sunshine!!

  5. Love the picture of the 3 boards lined up. So cute that Lo has a mini Burton...I wish my mom would have given me one of those when I was her age. Happy Snow Day to you!

  6. Aww, what sweet family time- so jealous! -e


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