skate and destroy

I picked up a tiny pair of white ice skates at Goodwill two summers ago, and was pretty stoked to discover that they fit Lo this year. (She was excited that they looked like Lola's skates on Charlie and Lola.)  :)
We had family visiting from Chicago last month, and sticking to tradition, we headed downtown to skate at Brenton Plaza. 
Little Lo did so well for her first time! She didn't give up when she discovered she wasn't going to twirl around the rink on her first try. She was really brave and wanted to skate all day. All day. 
I had a lovely fat lip that day, and decided to stay off the ice, take pics and drink hot chocolate with my brother-in-law.  ;)
Pretty excited to see this gang again this week for the holidays; I do love to watch these cousins make new memories together each year. (What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?)


  1. awwww!! Love the Geigley fam! So cute!
    Just found out we're moving back to the US in Febuary!!!! Whoop!!! Come and seeeeee me!

  2. that's February....need blog spell check...


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