random & repeat

A few months ago, Shimelle Laine asked me to make a little project for her online class, True Stories. I hadn't made any little books in awhile and the topic I chose gave me the perfect excuse to make one.
My assignment was to put my music collection on shuffle and as each song came up, write down whatever came to mind. (This is funny, because a bunch of friends have been sort of playing a game just like this recently.) I used a 7Gypsies rubber band book, which I love. It has pre-cut pages with notches cut in them so putting it all together is a snap.
I have pretty strong ties to my favorite songs, so this was such an awesome way to record some very specific memories. (Click the image to see what I wrote.) And it's probably one of my favorite projects (that I've actually finished!) in awhile. I encourage you to give it a go when you have the chance ... maybe in January, which is a great time to reflect. I'm working on a little December book this week full of fun pics/holiday preparations and hope to have a little bit of that done very soon. (I'm still in shock that Christmas is almost here already! Just like Rachel said ... public service announcement: only ten days left.)


  1. Great project Jen!!! I host a big, musical blog party on my blog the last week of December (info on my blog), and it's fun to see what everyone feels/makes with all different songs (2000 to pick from!) Music is sooo strong and bring out emotions in everyone! Seeing your project makes me look forward to my 'party' even more!

  2. Such a great idea! I'll have to try it once the holidays slow down some.


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