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Hey hey! If you have a sec, please check out my most radical sponsors on the sidebar to the right. There, you'll find Domestica, home to some of the coolest crafty finds you'll ever lay eyes on. Including these incredible appliqued/embroidered brooches. So pretty!
And this super cool hand-pulled screenprint limited edition Sparga Andrew Bird with Lonely Deer Poster, signed and stamped. (Grab yours here.)
Next, we have Pattycakes Vintage, where my pal Patty finds you lovely treasures direct from NYC. Check out these '12 days of Christmas' drinking glasses. 
Then you must visit my friend Stephanie at Living Room Floor, where you can find all sorts of fantastical tags and paper goods. Check out her shop asap if you're stuck on what to use on your Christmas journaling/December daily project ... I just picked up a set of these rad number tags.  :)
Once again, another month has come and gone! If you're interested in ad space for the month of December, holla at me (jgeigley [at] gmail [dot] com) and I'll send you all the info. Just $10! So easy! Thanks so much.   :)

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