so ... you want to learn how to knit?

Meet my most recent group of lovely new knitters from the Knitting for Beginners class at Ephemera in the East Village.
I had an awesome time meeting and chatting with this fun group of first-timers, which included an avid crocheter and the adorable mom and daughter team in the photo above. (Which is a great idea, by the way ... I love that they decided to take the class together!)
And here's the graduating class of fall 2010, ready to go forth and knit lots of holiday gifts, I predict! If you're interested in upcoming knitting classes, be sure to check out the class schedule at Ephemera, which is a lovely place to take classes of all sorts this winter. Our next beginner knitting class starts November 16th. Contact my friends Arin and Karen to sign up!

p.s. Knitting classes make great gifts!  :)


  1. I had a lot of fun taking your class! Thanks for teaching me a new skill :)

    PS-would definitely love to get our kiddos together sometime if that's of any interest to you. I don't know any other stay-at-home mommies.

  2. oh, your classes are probably the best! I still have to finish a dang scarf and you get them to do one in a night - I need help...(-;

  3. any chance you will be doing an online knitting class in the near future?

  4. awww that would be fun to take as a group! girl, I hope you are doing wonderful!


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