making the season bright

I'm feeling so very inspired by bright knits this season. Here are just a few brilliant Ravelry projects and knitting patterns that have made their way into my faves folder.
This tiny sweater by botaneige is perfection. I never knew garter stitch could look this cool.
This Missoni Inspired chevron blanket by Kelly Kingston is insane. Who wouldn't want this hanging over the back of their Eames rocker?
Loving these super rad Heartless Wristers by Mandy Powers. (The photo is pretty great, too, right?)
These stripey mittens by handepande not only show off some great color combinations, but they also were a total stash-bust project.
Dying over the cuteness of this Dress to Impress sweater dress/romper from the new Stitch and Bitch Superstar Knitting book. Ugh ... so cute.
And I'm swooning over the Stem and Leaf cowl by Betsy Farquhar in this crazy color combo. What ... you wanted more? I do have more to share ... another time. (Hope all of this color helps inspire you a bit today.)


  1. That Missoni blanket is amazzzing. And those half mitts underneath?? Now if only I could learn to knit better. Or had someone to knit them for me...

  2. in love with the Missoni inspired blanket, swoosh!

  3. whoa, it's been awhile...

    Love that last cowl in that yummy color combo!

  4. In love with that cowl, and all those pretty colours of yarn! and off topic, but how darn cute is that baby!?

  5. Love the baby sweater & those wrist things!Seems like everything has 3/4 sleeves these days...not so good for Iowa winters, but those wrist things would solve the problem in a very cool way!

  6. Yep, all the colours certainly made me smile! Thanks! Happy week to you too sweetie!

  7. GAH, that blanket is gorgeous!!! I love Ravelry! It is so inspiring!!


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