Market Day (in photos)

The best part of participating in Market Day is the people you meet, talk to, and become fast friends with. I've loved getting the chance to hang out with all of these creative local people and all of the cool things they make. Here's a little photo-filled recap of last week's Market Day, in case you missed it.
 Market Day co-founder Scott Kubie was in charge of spinning the vinyl during the show.
Two of our scooter friends Luke Healey and Thai Luong stopped by, cameras in hand.
And I finally got to hang out with this extremely awesome and talented girl, My Bach.
She took some pretty fantastic photos of the Market Day vendors while she was there. (Like this one. She shoots film, people! Very cool.)
Here's my friend, Lara Newsom of Handmade Pretties, working on some custom orders while she hangs in her bat cave. (Ha ... we just call it that. Lara makes so much stuff that sometimes you can barely see her through all of her amazing hand-sewn awesomeness.)
And my pal Dani Ausen/Awesome, being awesome.
Darby of DarbyCakes, with her always delicious cupcake flavors, kept us fed.
And Van Holmgren, a very talented local artist. I purchased a series of snake prints from him and have my eye on several of his paintings.
Meanwhile, my booth looked a little bit like this. Piles and piles of hand-knits, which was a good thing, because it was a chilly day and people were in the mood for big chunky scarves and cowls. One young woman said that when she saw my table, she wanted to wrap herself up and snuggle into the scarf pile. It was such a fun day, and I already can't wait until the next show at the end of the month. (If you've never been, you should definitely try and make it to the next one ... October 30th, if you want to mark your calendar!)

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