i can't even bring myself to delete the blurry ones...

Finally. Here's my photo diary of our most fantastical nyc weekend. I've spent the past few days trying to figure out exactly how to summarize the perfection.
I'm still a little bit sad about how fast the days flew by and missing these girls a crazy amount. 
It began with us three: Jamaica and Kristi flew back to nyc from California, then I hooked up with them a day later.
We did so many things and tackled that city like little warriors.
Coffee to warm up our insides (on the first chilly day.)
Admired the paint and the art on the buildings, the concrete ... everywhere.
Left no photobooth unturned.
I found out what a bodega is. Took walks with Chloe. And witnessed poop on a stoop.
We were consistently frustrated and annoyed by different trains that were out of service for the weekend. No matter where we were going, Canal Street was sucking us in. Even though Canal Street was never where we wanted to be. (We were also really good at talking so much that we kept missing our stops.)
On our master list (which Kristi so diligently maintained) were shops like Brooklyn Industries, Purl Soho, Greenwich Letterpress, A I Friedman, Lion Brand Yarn, Muji and more.
Sadly, it seemed that I could not get my yarn fix anywhere. Lion Brand was closed.
And so was Purl Soho. You can see here that they were locking up right as we got to the door. Apparently they close shop at 6 p.m. on Saturdays. Boo. I don't even have to explain how much this hurt my heart.
But Shake Shack totally made up for whatever yarn disappointment I experienced. Completely worth the wait. In the crazy long line. I had a delicious Shack burger and lemonade and they gave Jamaica 15 sheets of stickers. I love that place. (And want some right now.)
On Saturday night, we packed up overnight bags and met up with Vee at the Ace in Manhattan.
 We picked up some cupcakes at Crumbs to surprise her for her birthday.
Hit up the photobooth in the lobby, and then rested our weary feet and caught up on life a little bit.
In true slumber party form, we decided to crash a swanky party in the lobby of the Ace at 3 a.m. for a photobooth sesh in our pajamas. Which sounded like a great idea when we were up in our room on the 7th floor, but as we rode down the elevator and the dj's music got louder and louder and louder, we were like ... holy shit, we're about to cruise through this thing in our pajama pants. The smiles, the pointing ... haha!
The next morning, we set off for Brooklyn to meet up with yet another friend. Kara.
She is just as completely sweet and cool and wonderful to talk to as I knew she'd be. I wish we'd had more time to hang out together, but it was great to talk with her about her new life at school in the city and to finally see that face in real life (after many project collaborations and long emails back and forth!)
The last night of our trip was spent sharing dinner, having heart-to-hearts and dorking out over paper, fabric, little books and photos of Jamaica with long hair.
And before I knew it, Jamaica and I were sharing a cab to our respective airports. (Minus the Bon Iver this time.)
We're left with the memories. And 1,347 photos. I'm already wishing it was next time.


  1. Sounds like the best time ever!!!
    thanks for sharing

  2. I really love looking at your cute behinds. :)
    and why do they put the calories next to the price of the cupcake? who needs to know that kind of shit?

  3. those photos are fantastic!! hope you ate at the Breslin (at the Ace), if not, definitely go next time. It's DELICIOUS!

  4. It looks like a fantastic time! I'm soooo sad that you didn't get to your yarn stores though. So very, very sad for you. :(

  5. omg jealous! hi jen! hi kristi! hi kara! hi jamaica!

  6. Aw, looks like such a great trip! You guys look like you have such a blast together, I love it! I totally feel ya on wanting to visit a yarn shop in a different city that you are rarely in and it being closed! Ugh. Such a shitty feeling, haha. You're SO pumped to go and the door is locked. (It especially sucks when you go out of your way, hahah!) And you guys are too funny, crashing a party in pjs. LOVE IT! :)

  7. So pretty much... I wish we had more time together! I totally felt like I clicked with you guys and wish we had like two months to run around and be cuuhhrazy together.

    Come back soon!

  8. wowow that is one busy weekend, looks so much fun, gutted u couldnt get to the wool shops x


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