Renegade Chicago Recap (day one!)

I'm officially back! Renegade Chicago was an amazing experience and I'm so glad I went through with it. The things that I was nervous about (like loading our stuff and parking) ended up being a lot easier than I had anticipated and everything went better than I could have ever hoped for! We had loads of fun.
My extraordinary friend, Erin, came along with me to help out and I owe her a ton of thanks. I never could have done it without her.
My booth kind of looked like this. 
And here are some pics from Saturday, the first day of Renegade, which started off in a pretty rainy way, but ended up to be cool, comfortable and sun-shiny. We enjoyed a great turnout both days!
(Bonjour!) This guy biked around the area with bread and wine for sale.
The biggest thrill was this group of hometown girlfriends who decided to make a weekend trip to Chi-town and totally surprised me. Coolest thing ever.
And another weekend highlight was hanging out with these three rad ladies of Urban Posture. We asked to be booth-neighbors (since we're all from Des Moines) and I'm so glad we did. We helped each other whenever we could and shared a lot of good conversation and laughs all weekend long. Weirdly enough, Friday night after we drove into the city, Erin and I decided to grab dinner in the Oak and Rush neighborhood, and we ran right into these girls in downtown Chicago! Totally random and quite awesome.
One of my most absolute favorite things about the whole weekend was watching the crazy marching bands. I just totally dorked out over them. (Ask Erin.) I can't help it; I loved high school marching band. I want to be in a band like this. (Really, really bad.)
I came home from our crazy week of adventures (I'll explain more about this later) and noticed this quick photo feature (see my scarves?!) on the Renegade blog recap ... super cool. Check back in the next couple of days to see how the rest of the show went. And to see some extremely rad photos from our trip to Vegas, where my friends Erin and Brian got married last week. (Yup, I know. We pretty much had the most exciting seven days ever!)


  1. holy-crap-exciting! glad to see your post - i don't think i've ever gone this long w/o reading your blog! can't wait to hear more stories!

  2. awesome!! loving all the pics and so glad you had such an amazing week!

  3. Aww! Looks like an awesome Craft Fair and the Girl's from Des Moines showing! So cool. They all look totally hot, too!

  4. Hee! I see "my" fushia hat in your photos ;) I've got that pic of us up on my blog...will send it to you if you don't get over there. RCF was awesome!

  5. The girl on the very right in the picture of your hometown friends is my childhood friend, Melissa :) So weird! I just randomly saw her on your blog. ha! So jealous, wish I could have went. Super cute stuff!

  6. those scarves look super yummy. really need to get to renegade chicago one of these days!

  7. so glad you had a great time jen! your booth looked great and so full of your great product, love it and so PROUD of you! xo


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