so you think you can blog.

Just picked up this shirt at a local shop called Raygun. I like it a lot. You can get one, too.

And after months of saying, 'nah ... I don't know,' I've decided to see if anyone would like to be a monthly sponsor of this little blog. (I'm offering up a few spots for just $10 a month, and if you need help designing your ad, that's cool. Just let me know.) Hey! Jen Renee is averaging about 30,000 - 35,000 hits per month, sometimes reaching 45,000 and higher. (I'm working on it.) Ads will appear in the sidebar. Email me at jgeigley [at] if you're interested in advertising for the month of September.

Cool? Cool. Thanks. :)


  1. LOVE the shirt. Gooooo Raygun. And goooo Jen.

  2. i heart raygun. i have this t shirt posted on one of my recent blog posts too :)

  3. Aha I love it! And I totally think I'm going to sponsor your blog. AWESOME.

  4. where ya beeeeennn??? Did you get my email from a couple days ago?
    love the shirt btw.

  5. cool cool shirt!


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