six years

Today is our sixth anniversary (although we met and started dating ten years ago.) So I'd like to take this opportunity to share ten cool things about Bo.

1. He's really good at making quick comebacks and jokes. That are actually funny.

2. Back in the day, he skated with Rob Dyrdek.

3. He knows how to play a ton of my old favorite metal riffs on the guitar.

4. He's a graphic designer and multimedia developer and has kick-ass design sensibility.

5. If you break it, he can fix it. (And if he can't fix it, his dad can fix it.)

6. He's been a vegetarian for close to fifteen years.

7. He once asked Bjork if she'd go out for coffee with him. Yes, Bjork. (This was before we were dating.)

8. He does off-road unicycling. (If you don't know what that is, watch this.)

9. He restores (and ... ahem ... collects) old Vespas.

10. He knows what's important in life, he's a fantastic dad, and he totally gets me.

There's more, but I think I'll stop with that. It's cheesy, but I thank my lucky stars that I said 'yes' to that blind date back in 2000. (And I'm also glad that Bo didn't end up with Bjork. Even though I really like her.)

Happy Anniversary, Dude.



  1. happy anniversary!!! (i met joe in 2000 too...a good year!). hope you two have an awesome celebration! xo

    p.s. you are WAY cooler than Bjork (and you dress much better....)

  2. Happy anniversary! This was a sweet post. Haha. I'm glad he didn't end up with Bjork either! :) And off-road unicycling? AWESOME!

  3. awe...he sounds like perfection. hope you two had a great anniversary!

  4. this is so sweet!
    happy belated anniversary.

    (and i love rob dyrdek)


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