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What can I say? It's been a very metal-tastic week. Last night we hit up House of Bricks to check out the Murderdolls cd-release party before they head off to tour in Europe. We got to say hi to the guys after the show and talked a bit with Joey Jordison (who is also the drummer for Slipknot) before we left. Such a talented dude.
It was honestly one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. They played all of the best songs from the old album and mixed in the new stuff for a killer show.
And over the weekend, we got to check out another Slipknot side-project. Sid Wilson's new endeavor (called SID, I think) played their first show at Val Air. There were a bunch of opening acts, including Blue Felix above.
Here they are a little bit closer up, because you must see their costumes and makeup. Funny stuff. (I think I need to work on being less smiley in these situations ... gotta practice the angry face a little more.)Here's Sid taking the mic. (He's the dj for Slipknot and also goes by DJ Starscream, so this was the first time we'd heard him sing and rap.)It was definitely an interesting show to check out and we liked his new stuff quite a bit. He also had a song dedicated to Paul Gray, which was pretty sad for us all since he got a bit emotional with it. All in all, it's definitely been a good week to live in Des Moines. We're pretty lucky to have these opportunities to see such talented acts perform here in our city and I've gotta say that I'm pretty damn proud of our hometown boys. (Hope you had a fun weekend, too.)


  1. You see shows. How that happen? I MIGHT get to see Fetal Pig tonite, but it won't be like this - guaranteed.

  2. looks like fun, Jen! Dave would love to go with you guys. Maybe next time, being so close and all.

  3. oh man! Sooooo wish I wouldn't have left my camera at home. I am STILL kicking myself for that. I would have loooved to get pix/video from where I was standing, and a pic of me+wednesday.


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