Bo and I have a thing for Mid Century Modern stuff. And furniture. And Craigslist. (Sometimes it's good to live in the Midwest.) And one of our most favorite shops in Des Moines is A-Okay Antiques.
We stopped by last weekend to see what was new. This place is just a treat to visit ... there are almost too many wonderful things to see.
Eames + Noguchi.
And so much more ...
Love the Eames pressed plywood shelving unit above. (I can't even begin to list the things in some of these photos that we have had our eye on.)
But my favorite piece of furniture in the whole place is this blue and green George Nelson sofa with the little white table. It's in great shape and the colors are divine ... this would look so incredibly cool in our living room.
This elephant gray leather Eames chair ended up being our score of the day. (Sixty bones!) Like I said, sometimes it is good to live in the Midwest. (Now who is coming to visit?)


  1. where is this store at in Des Moines? Ill have to go visit it?!

  2. What a shop.
    I think it's a very good thing I don't live anywhere near it, as I think me and that shop would be a dangerous combination!
    Love your buy.

  3. ummmm...I say we do Get Mad 2011 at your place next year so we can go there-too cool!!!!

  4. love that place. valley junction is a lil gem. went to Giff's 5th Street Tavern for the first time last night...interesting spot!

  5. I had my eye on that George Nelson sofa set the last time I was in there...

    If only the prices were more A-Okay!

  6. you're so lucky!! $60 is a total score.

  7. love it. one day i'll come and visit. one day . . .

    ps. that blue sofa? and that orange-ish/rust chair? i dieee.

  8. holy poop!

    i could die! i wanna visit! [i totally just looked up how far it is to drive...like over 16 hours... crap.]

    you're lucky!

  9. Omg. Lovely! What a rad store - I'm crazy jealous!! :) he he. That blue couch is a dream for my living room! (sigh). Our antique stores are so lacking, out here...lol.

  10. I wish, I wish I could come to visit and take a look around in that store myself irl... but your photos made me feel like I was right there... gorgeous stuff!!!! LOVE your new chair, great choice!!!

  11. Anthony and I like A-Ok and have bought a few things from there but find Craigslist to be much easier on the wallet. Some of Steve's prices are crazy!

    We (Anthony and I) should try to link up with you and Bo sometime. We could compare Mid-Century notes or graphic design notes. Or even knitting notes. :)

    Kim Udrovich (wife of Anthony Udrovich [of Delta Design])


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