4 goals

Taking Elsie's challenge to accomplish 4 simple goals before 2011.

1. make a quilt like this

2. get back on the running train (photo via creative review)

3. go to nyc (photo by leo on the loose)

4. knit enough accessories (or at least meet the quota I've set in my head) for the upcoming fall craft fairs

(How about you?)


  1. 4 goals, agh, the pressure....

    1. start exercising again
    2. craft more (including sewing)
    3. watch Weeds so I can be caught up with you and vanessa
    4. start planning now for Get Mad 2011 Las vegas at my house with you and the rest of the boozehounds...
    Just saw all the Flickr pics today after not having internet up here on the ocean, agh, made me sort of misty...

  2. LOVE all the layouts in the former post! And for my goals?
    1. make the online art journal workshop "Mixed Emotions" I'm now working on as much a succes as the first one "Let it Loose"
    2.Teach let it loose in September en M.E. at the end of October.
    3. Keep on creating FOR ME! Don't let anyone tell me what to do or work in a hurry (deadlines)or I will loose the fun and freedom of it.
    4. Loose 8 lbs (that's the hardest one!)

    Good luck with your goals!!!

  3. awesome list. love those running shoes, but i doubt they'd actually work for running. haha. doing the santa monica 500 10K next month, come!


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