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Hi there. It's Wednesday, which means it's also Dare day. New one is up right now! (I know ... we've been on a roll lately.)
Dare 165 = use a photo as your background. Or cheat, like I did, and use 20 little photos as your background. And then swear at your printer because it ran out of ink and made blue/purple streaks across your photos that you have used for your background. Whatever; it doesn't matter. Because look at these pretty faces! Ahhh, these pics make me grin every time I look at them. This is what happens when you stay in L.A. with two of your most excellent friends at a fabulous hotel that has a photo booth in the lobby. (Hello, girls ... I miss you!)


  1. i miss you too but so HAPPY to see your awesome face next week, holla! :) xo

  2. Ah! Rad page. :) Loving the tons-of-photos cheat, too! he he. :) You rock, Jen.

  3. The purple actually looks kinda cool!


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