enjoy the silence.

Hi there ... I'm just drowning in my yarn a bit. (Don't worry – I'm just fine.) It might be a little bit quiet around here (and by here, I mean the blog) because I seriously need to get some work done. Internet avoidance is key. But I do have some fun things to share soon. I'm getting crazy with spray paint (hopefully this afternoon) to get things ready for the Renegade booth. And I have knit a bunch of scarves in the past week that I'll take pics of sooner or later. ('Til then ... have a good weekend.)


  1. how cute are you!? I would be in heaven too! Cant wait to see you in less than a month!!!

  2. this photo needs to be turned into a poster. i would totally hang it on my wall. would that be weird?

    save me one of those knitted necklace things! dang. i need to get up in your etsy and buy one before they're all gone.


  3. oh my gosh, i am so jealous of your yarn stash! how fun.

  4. Don't you wanna swim in a pool of yarn? You look great in this pile of yarn!

    xxx Evy

  5. Oooohhh.. spray ink? Really??? can't wait to see the results, I'm addicted to spray ink!


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