I have a very cool friend named Chrissy Jensen, and I have always admired her taste. She's one of those people who is always knows where you can find the best fabric, handmade goods, furniture, art or whatever in the world you happen to need. I was so excited when she opened up her own shop here in Des Moines (called Domestica) a few months ago ... I knew it would be so good. And it is.
Lo and I stopped in last week, and Chrissy's super awesome son even entertained her with his Star Wars lego guys while I chatted and shopped. (He's such a nice kid!)
Just a few of the things I spotted while I was there. Meremade wood inlays and super rad prints, posters and wall art of all kinds.
Jonathan Adler salt and pepper shakers and dog.
This clock by Vector Cloud was killing me with coolness.
And lovely tea towels! I think I need to go back and pick up the bold pink floral one.
Xenia Taler tiles, Methane Studios gig posters, and screenprinted band posters from Sparga – Envy Corps, Jolie Holland, Why Make Clocks, Elf Power, Andrew Bird and more.
June Craft's Mabel dolls, long dogs and pillows. Leather cuff bracelets from Fisticuffs Chicago, and Anna Joyce hoodies, tea towels, pillows and aprons.
Gorgeous modern orange, burgundy, red and pink pillow covers. Like ... woah.
Necklaces by Of Matter.
Insanely cool embroidered brooches from the UK and vintage flower rings.
Jonathan Adler cat, giraffe, boot and more (not pictured ... sorry!)
Postcards from Rar Rar Press and felt finger puppets from AbbeyChristine (Ira Glass and Steve Zissou.)
Oh yeah ... Chrissy even has a couple of these IKEA Maskros lamps for sale. (Look how pretty during the day and insanely awesome at night!)
Ready to visit? You can find Domestica at 321 East Walnut Street in the East Village here in Des Moines, Iowa. (It's definitely worth a stop.)


  1. Jen! This is so awesome - I can't thank you enough for your post. Domestica is so proud of how good she looks through your expert camera eye - you're a great shot. I'm just bursting with happiness and am off to tell everyone pictured about this! Thanks so so much!!

  2. Amazing! I love this shop so much! :) I found some goodies in it also!

  3. Holy Sweetass Shop, Craftman! These photos are great!!! I miss you two, the kids look happy, and I love, love, love the shop!!! You can tell everything has been so well thought out and all the merch looks fantastic.

  4. I am drooling!!! Love everything in that shop. Eventually I will have to come out that way and we can have a Domestica visit together:)

  5. Ahh that looks awesome! I wanna go there. Haha lucky you that you live so close!

  6. That shop owner is the shiznit, for reals

  7. i wish i were closer!
    i have a friend who's originally from ames/des moines and goes home all the time (from chicago), i'll suggest she make a stop here next time :)

  8. Thanks everyone for such sweet missives. We're working on the webshop right this minute, so keep an eye peeled. Also, wanted to let you know the clock is from Vector Cloud - an incredibly talented designer.

  9. Karlee HoffartJuly 30, 2010 1:03 PM

    Oh, can't wait until the website opens since I live in Portland, Oregon! Thanks Jen for posting such eye candy....

  10. okay, i'm coming to visit you next!!!cool store!
    but until then I'll wait to see you in...6 days!!!

  11. dang! she has such a nice eye!
    great shop.

  12. Wooooowww!!! Amazing things! I wish I lived near....
    Have a great weekend Jen!

  13. Oh boy.... so happy to see this!!!! I live in Marshalltown and will be making a stop in Des Moines next Friday!!! Definitely need to stop by this amazing shop!!! CAN'T WAIT!

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  15. Funny Karlee- I'm in Portland too, but a Des Moines girl at heart forevs!

    Hooray for such coolness! Can't wait to hit ya up next time I am home!


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