This is how our family spent our Saturday night...
Watching the one and only Devo play on the Walnut Street bridge downtown.
Everyone knows their 80's hit 'Whip It.' But these guys are true legends, new-wave pioneers, and it was a real thrill to see them live.
Their music stands the test of time and they definitely made the old sound new again. (And I loved the costume changes, blue energy domes and stage antics.)
Little Lo actually knows lead singer Mark Mothersbaugh well ... he hosts a drawing segment on her favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba (similar to Bill Cosby's picture pages, if you remember those) and so she kept waving to him when he walked to our side of the stage.
She absolutely loved the music and begged us not to go home.
I have to admit, it was really cool to see Mark in real life. He's composed musical scores for all sorts of video games, television shows like PeeWee's Playhouse, and most notably for several Wes Anderson films.
Such and interesting and talented guy. (Here are some more pics from the show.)
And then, in another weird somewhat Yo Gabba Gabba-related encounter, I got to hang for a bit with this glittery and gem-tastic lady.Leslie Hall! (Yes, again.) She and her art were featured at the Iowa Artists 2010 Gallery Talk at the Des Moines Art Center, so we had to go check her out.

And with that, I'll leave you with a little 'Whip It.' It's not too late. To whip it good.


  1. that looks SO fun! I love Devo! How cute Lo didn't want to go home?!?!

  2. Awesome! Looks like such a great time.

  3. Hahah! Looks like a wondrous evening.


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