ode to dad

Dad: he's the fun one; the goofy one. The one who gets the best giggles.
He's the adventurous one.
The snuggly one.
The treat-giver (and sometimes rule-breaker.)
The sweet one and the strong one.
Your protector and your jungle gym.
He adores you and you adore him right back. We're so lucky to have him. Because he's kind of the best.
Lo and I got him this t-shirt from Dark Cycle Clothing for Father's Day, by the way. Cool, yes? We thought it was the perfect thing for the bike and off-road unicycle loving dad. (Happy Father's Day, everybody!)


  1. Happy fathersday to the dad, and happy day to the girls!!!

  2. awww, love this post! and that vespa shot is amazing.


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