how we go out

Leslie Hall. Words cannot describe. You may have seen her around; she's been all over Des Moines lately and she and the LYs will be performing at the Iowa State Fair this summer.
You may have heard her songs How We Go Out, Craft Talk or my favorite, Blame the Booty.
Or you may have seen her glitter hands/razzle dazzle guest appearances on your favorite kids' show (and mine) Yo Gabba Gabba.
Friday night, I spent the evening at the Des Moines Art Center with 16 of Leslie's fellow successors to her central Iowa time zone, learning the ways of the diva and receiving the gift that is Leslie Hall. (My photos are terrible but I will share them with you anyway.)
Without giving away too many details about my secret and sparkley education and initiation, there were arts and there were crafts. Gem sweaters. Still life drawings. Over-sized fruit.
Hair coiffing and accessory-making. (These are my two new bff's, Paige and Susie.)
Poetry readings. Supervised snack and beverage breaks. Drive-by makeup application. Ramona and Scrappy.
Leotards revived from 7th grade dance recitals.
Hip rotations. Dance lessons.
And a graduation ceremony with hand-drawn diplomas.
Graduation = gold pants. Gold handmade spandex pants.
(Me and my matching pink and black shoe twin.)
And then? Gold pants graduation dance party!!Which carried over to a group field trip to The Garden.(The whole thing was kind of a blur to be honest.)
And I emerged a new girl altogether. A girl who is unafraid of spandex. With a new understanding and appreciation of dance moves, gem sweaters and dollar-store blue eyeshadow. (A girl who doesn't get embarrassed as easily as she did before.)


  1. Move over lady gaga Leslie is in the house!!!!! OMGOODness I seriously wish I was as cool as you to go to something like this:) How awesome are you in gold spandex!!!!!!!!! Love it Jen:) Great way to start of Monday morning blog reads!!!!!

  2. ha!!! awesomeness! you were made for gold spandex. (-:

  3. How funny! Looks like a great time!

  4. i've been eagerly awaiting this post!! i admire your bravery to sign up for this, let alone participate in all of this gold spectacular!!

  5. she puts on a great show!

  6. I got an opportunity to meet and see Leslie Hall last year at the Big Ass Indie Arts & Crafts Show here in St. Louis. She's super nice and so much fun! I wish I could have participated in this adventure!

  7. Dude. That's so rad. :) I'm loving the gold spandex - also, I think I need that hoodie you're wearing - where'd you pick it up, if you don't mind me asking? What a blast!! :)

  8. oh dear ... that is not a hoodie. that is actually a one-of-a-kind vintage hot-glue-gunned, hand-made gem sweater. *with* shoulder pads. :)

  9. gold spandex + Jen= fabulous.

  10. hahah you are so cute! congrats!

  11. I don't understand ONE THING of this all... they don't have this over in Holland dear.... but I sure like your "graduation picture" as much as the one of my son on my blog *teehee*

  12. Looks so fun-- my daughter would be so jealous that you met Leslie-- she's a fan of the glitter hands. :)


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