get your art on

Last Friday and Saturday, we went downtown to check out the Des Moines Arts Festival in Western Gateway Park. This event is something we cannot miss each summer. Music, tons of art, food ... and to me it always makes things feel like summer is finally in full force.
The permanent sculpture garden is a spot we visit often, and it's such an awesome addition to the downtown area.
This new (untitled) Keith Haring sculpture is the latest piece that has been added.Lo is a HUGE fan of all the sculptures there and wants to visit all of the time, so we find ourselves hanging out there quite a bit. She likes to make faces like the statues. ;)
And here's some of the artwork we got to see at the festival. There were so many outstanding artists; some local but most from out-of-state.
Tim Hooper (one of our favorites.)
Anthony Pack.
Ginny Herzog.
Jerry Brem.So much fun. (How was your weekend?)


  1. Dave and I decided that the new, untitled sculpture should be named "Saturday Night at Liar's Club".

  2. (omg, Ang ... that is funny.)

  3. Oh, looks like fun!! :) I love art shows to bits!


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