cool knitting patterns

A few interesting patterns that have caught my eye ...
Oversized boat neck sweater from Knit.1 ... I'm very curious about how this would end up fitting, and if it has potential to be one of those go-to favorite pullovers.
Floppy summer sun hat free pattern from Vogue Knitting ... a summer hat! Normally I'm a little bit on the fence about knitted hats, but this one I like.
Crazy cool afghan from Knit.1 ... this might be the first granny blanket I've seen that you can knit instead of crochet.
Chain link necklace from Knit.1 ... like Yokoo's, but on a smaller scale.
Tribeca scarf, a free pattern from Vogue Knitting. Not summery by any means but the attached arm warmers are interesting. Although, I'm not sure this would be practical while wearing a coat. It's always the styling that gets me on these projects ... it looks so cute on her!

Puff Daddy and Puff Daddy's Baby by Anna and Heidi Pickles ... the pouf. I've seen so many people making these.
Striped dish cloths from Lion Brand Yarn ... I have been obsessing over colorful dishcloths. I can't get enough, and I'm loving these color combos.
And saving the best for last ... this Grass Rug by Lion Brand Yarn. I mean, are you kidding me? Killing me with coolness. It uses a TON of yarn, but it's just so incredible.
(So ... do have any particular knitting patterns stuck in your brain this summer? Do share.)


  1. the pouf and the pullover are my favorite!!!!

  2. That grass rug is awwwwesome!

  3. I LOVE THE RUG! I was looking at shag carpet for a large area rug, but could never find the right color. I wonder how durable this would be with yarn??

  4. I love that boatneck sweater, i'm going to have to try that one x

  5. That grass rug is like nothing I've ever seen before! Very cool!

  6. That blanket and poof- wow!!!!


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