Saturday at Market Day

This was the view from my space at Market Day, which was cool because I sat directly in front of the elevator where Scott Rocketship (and sometimes Cat) played lots of vinyl, directed traffic, answered questions and such. What a fun day ... it was awesomely organized and I'm loving the new building that we're in now.
It was a great way to start off the summer and we had a steady crowd coming through (espesh with the farmers market traffic.)
There was lots to see, including tons of super cute vintage finds.
Christine from Bean and the Spout had lots of lovely accessories made from recycled/vintage dresses and fabric ... and was wearing the cutest dress of the day.
New screen-printed Market Day bags? Such a great idea and I love the design/logo work by my pal Dani Ausen/Awesome, who sat at the table next to me at the show.
And of course, my best pal Erin was there with her recycled vinyl goods. Crafting and vending with friends? I recommend it.As usual, a few pals popped in to say hi. (Thanks to everyone who stopped by!)
Meanwhile, where was Lo all day? Having adventures with dad. Here she is at the Farmers Market.
I had to end the day with a crazy good pink tart cupcake from Darby Cakes, just one of the reasons I keep coming back to Market Day. (Seriously. So good.) I find that cupcakes help get me motivated enough to pack all my crafpt back up into my car in the blazing heat and head back home.

And here I am, sweaty from loading and then unloading the car. Hair completely disheveled and in need of a trim. But I had to show off the spandex headband that I got from Leslie Hall. (Yeah ... did I forget to mention that? She was a vendor at Market Day. Did you see her?) I don't have a photo of her or her booth but I promise she was there and I totally dorked out when I spotted her, because I'm taking a class she's teaching at the Des Moines Art Center next month. And I heard we're supposed to dress appropriately so I had to ask her a little bit more about that. Still have no idea what I'll wear ... but ... now I have this headband! So I'll possibly mold my attire around that. Yes? :)

(Hope you're enjoying your weekend!)


  1. I have a funny story to tell you in August when we're together about Leslie Hall and when I met her at the Craft Market in Phila.
    Looks like an awesome time-GOD I miss craft markets......


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